I Am the Albatross

by I Am the Albatross

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released March 4, 2014

Jesse Berkowitiz: Guitar and Voice
Marc Henry: Drums and Percussion
Giuseppe Ponti: Bass and Voice

Recorded and mixed by Evan Kleinecke at 5th Street Studios
Austin, Texas.

Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc.
Austin, Texas.

Recorded in analog, direct to two inch tape.

Cover Painting:
"Study of a Burning House" by Rex Slack
©Rex Slack 1987. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


I Am the Albatross Austin, Texas

I Am the Albatross is a band from Austin, TX. Western Psych, Desert Garage, Heavy Americana, Gothic Folk, , Rock n’ Roll.


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Track Name: Kingsnake
Clouds gonna cover they sky,
When the king snake opens his eyes.
You gonna wish it was all lie.
But there ain't
No escape.....
Don't you even try.

The earth gonna tremble and moan,
When the king snake leaves his home.
Moving swift up your dry backbone.
Do you hear....
The grinding gears
And the tumbling stones?

The oceans gonna twist and roll
When the king snake leaves his hole.
Gonna shake your very soul.
You will be believe...
When you see
How I told you so.

It is written in an ancient tongue
How he would come
And swing his jaws open
To swallow the moon and the sun.
There ain't no use in crying now,
What's done is done....

Black smoke gonna fill up the air,
When the king snake leaves his lair.
It'll blind your eyes
And grey up your hair,
When you see him crawling everywhere....
Track Name: Strugglin'
There's a lot of people out there in the world tonight
That ain't gonna make it 'til the morning light...

There's a lot of people out there who got nowhere to go
Alone in a city that they don't know....

You see....
My baby's struggling, and I'm struggling too
Searching for a crack where the light shines through...
When things can't get any worse, well that's when they do
Searching for a crack where the light shines through...

It's whiskey in the morning, gin and tonic at noon
Pulling down the blinds in a motel room...

The higher that you go, the farther you can fall,
It's best to keep low and just crawl, baby, crawl!

Snakes are in the grass, wolves are at the door
Ain't a lot of people you can trust anymore....

Towers are burning down, levees gonna break...
Get the hell out of the way, run for God's sake!

Ships are lost out in the fog....
Begging and starving like a stray dog....
Waiting for the spider
Tangled up like a fly...
Ain't gonna make it out alive!

Cain, he went and dwelt in the land of Nod....
I'm running like hell from a vengeful god.

Evil is sleeping in the hearts of men...
Try to stay quiet in the lion's den.
Track Name: Nashville
I seen the sun rising over Nashville,
It was a wicked and a burning thing.
Have pity on a poor drifter
In the wretched heat this morning brings.

I have many more miles still to travel
And my load is a burden to bear.
My heart's as heavy as the ocean,
And my pockets are as light as the air.

...And if you see me walking down a windy road,
Then I am asking for a ride,
And if you see me standing in a wild rain,
Then I am longing to be dry.
You see, my pride is such....
That I cannot ask outright,
But I am in need
I am in need tonight.

I seen the sun rising up over Nashville,
And I feel it burning on my skin.
The shade is slowly disappearing,
And I know it's time to move on again...
Track Name: Black Crow
Black crow calling from a telephone pole, down an old road,
Miles from the city lights.
Black crow, why don't you fly on home tonight?
There's a drop of red on a barbed wire fence,
And a rag blowing in the wind.
That night, you know she never said where she was going....

The world keeps turning, and blood keeps pumping
Even if it runs cold.
And the eyes of the night are grinning through the flames
As the scene unfolds.
Sometimes there's just nothing left to say.
And Lord knows, we didn't want to see it go down this way...

But Money can break you, Money can take a piece of your soul,
Leave you hollow and thin...
Black crow, why don't you stay awhile and listen?

It was shiny as a nickel and cold as the dead
On a shelf in the closet.
And no, she never said where she got it.....

The stars keep blinking and your mind keeps sinking into dark dreams.
And the signs keep showing but there's no way of knowing what they all mean.
Angel, don't weep for the cruelty of these sins,
We both know there are just some things that can't be forgiven.
Track Name: Main Line
Out on the main line
It's hotter than hell
But I never did see the sun shine.

It's only a matter of time,
Every lost soul's gonna lose their mind.
Hotter than hell,
But the sun don't ever shine.

Big black clouds
They come rolling in...
Take who they came for, then roll out again.

Big black train
It comes rolling along...
Don't even hear it 'til your baby's gone.

I know there is a Devil,
I seen him with my own eyes.
He lives in the water,
And he lives in sky,
He lives on the ground
Out along these tracks.
You can't be running, or hiding out...
Devil don't turn his back.

Hell hound howl
It is sounding in my ears,
That crooked track took away my finest years.
Ringing hammers
Are pounding in my head,
Rattling my bones on my dying bed.

The silent shadow
Of Industry...
Just like a big black widow
That's creeping up on me.
Creeping 'cross the desert,
Out along these tracks.
You can't be running, or hiding out....